Quinta de Santo António is a typical Alentejo hill, between Ponte de Sor and Alter do Chão.

It was an abandoned farm for many years, contains a fertile land where there were many fruit trees such as: quince trees, fig trees, pear trees, apple trees, orange trees and olive trees.

It is contained in the memories of the elders of Seda that it was the farm where the population was going to buy fruit.

In the acquisition in 2013 the Quinta de Santo António was completely degraded, with great commitment the farm was re-erected with about 30,000 Arbosana olive trees and 1 hectare of purple passion fruit in greenhouse. It also contains pasture area with Cattle in particular already with some Red Angus . We also have the “The Guards of the Farm” Castiça and Rambo (Alentejo dogs).

The water is a precise good in the Maintenance of the Farm, Seda has a very clayey and fertile soil but the water is very difficult to obtain , all the water of the farm comes from wells and water holes that have limitations. One of the main objectives of this project is to be in line with Mother Nature.

The view of the farm over the hills and plains is breathtaking, soothes the soul. Here can be seen several species of birds completely different from the normal of our country. In these landscapes you can see all kinds of crops, endless plains of Cork oaks and Holm Oaks, Olive Groves, Vineyards, cattle pastures and large sowings of wheat and pasture.

Recently, the rural tourism project “Casinhas de Santo António” was created. We are very proud of this project and we want everyone to be able to experience and share the same passion for the field as we do.